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HR Restructuring


We believe the current COVID-19 crisis is only temporarily. We are offering HR Restructuring administration services to assist you with immediate workforce management needs that may or may not persist for long-term.

With a menu of HR Restructuring services tailored to help your organisation to go through the current crisis, you can offload this demanding wave of HR challenges to our experienced HR compliance professionals while you focus on protecting the revenue streams and adapting your business strategies to the current economy.

We can help guide your organisation with:

  • imageThe option of restructuring the workforce to the outsourcing model
  • imageWorkforce resizing plan to provide job opportunities, interview skills, and CV management to the impacted workforce
  • imageProviding employees with support to reduce the impact
  • imageOptions and strategies in reducing payroll expenses
  • imageAdminister employee layoffs, furloughs, schedule reductions, work sharing and etc.
  • imageAdvice on strategies for bringing employees back to work
  • imageAdminister the return-to-work process
  • imageStrategies and policies development in managing remote staffs
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