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Our free HR resources are developed to support businesses assess, build and improve the HR function. You can download our support guides, self assessments and templates to provide you DIY options which you can do in your own time.

Your Talent Recruitment Starter Pack
This download content contains the preparation for employer before they begin searching the new talent.
Corporate Research & Interview Guidelines
Hi job seekers! This content contains every checklist that you will need to prepare before you do interview sessions. Good luck.
Promoting Yourself for Being Hired
How do we interest employers to hire us? Check out this checklist. You will be more prepared and get ready for the new job.
Proposing question to show self-interests
Would you want to know about your future company? In this document, we prepare several question guides that will assist to raise the question in the interview session.
HR Outsourcing Guide White Paper
This white paper covers HR Outsourcing for managing company HR complexities.