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Executive Search


More to be known as Headhunter Services are our supports to clients who are searching for suitable candidates to fill business positions for their organisations.

Many companies might not have a proper hiring team to look into the recruitment process. Through our extensive knowledge, network and database, our experts can serve your company in hunting the middle and top level or expert candidates with prospective employers positions candidates across various industries and non-profit organisations and assist you until the onboarding process.

When you engage with us in Executive Search, we are able to provide you:

  • imageRecruitment Consultant, recruitment consultancy with our experts to fulfill your talent requirements
  • imageClient Requirement Analysis, a comprehensive approach to analyse the specific requirements
  • imageDomain Capabilities, ability to source the candidates from diverse roles & industries
  • imageCandidate Screening, in-depth and detail selection of candidates process
  • imageTalent Maintenance & Guarantee, to maintain our talent for three months and guarantee a replacement if our talent is less able to fulfill the expectation in the client's company
Please contact us for more information and discussion. Reach out to us anytime for sample resumes, and market supply-demand on talents consultation. Enjoy your first free consultation
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