Case Studies

Elabram Telco

HR Outsourcing And Centralised Management System As Solution of The Manpower Needs


The telecommunication company is a global leader in telecommunication and information technology. Founded in 1985, the company has been committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations to deliver excellence and value. From over 160 countries around the world, this telecommunication company has increased connectivity and productivity. Besides these services, they also complete end-to-end product lines and integrated solutions in the telecommunications industry.

With the company's expertise, they work together with the team for some of their extraordinary projects. However, sometimes the company faces some issues before they jump to the projects. It comes from insufficient team members and staff data management. Since the company should finish the project soon, they select the manpower issue as the number one priority.

HR Outsourcing As A Solution To Fulfill The Manpower Needs

Competing against the time during a short time is not an easy task. The company requires 400 resources in three months to build the tower. To maximize the plan with our assistance, Elabram served an end-to-end recruitment and HR solution to fulfill 250 candidates in a short period. We worked out to help the company identify talents with experience and their technical ability to execute the project efficiently. Our stability and successes have proven our Outsourcing services.

During the recruitment process, we, however, still found many challenges. We sometimes met the applicant who declined our job offers in the past. Then, they tried to apply again in the same company. It becomes multiple tasks since it requires a lot of time to retrieve the past resume/data submitted manually. Also, the number of principal client workforce providers, staffing requirements with a different function, and urgency of roles made us concentrate on this point

Despite competing in a short time, we finished the recruitment process without further delay. Our services can achieve this requirement by focusing on the principal client, manpower requirements with a different function, and urgency of roles. With the wide network of talent pools, we always have the talents to be selected in a very short timeline based on any requirements.

Centralized Recruitment File Management System

Recruiting qualified employees is an excellent way to run a successful business. Hence, it is crucial to have an accessible and organized data management system for the actual and potential employees' information. t will impact accuracy and time-saving aspects. In this case, we implemented a centralized recruitment file management system and end-toend recruitment solutions with a high percentage hiring rate. It is called ATS, which is a customized app to organize and secure management systems.

Our ATS technology can support this management through smartphones by having access to data in the employees' hands-- anytime, anywhere. By implementing this approach, the company can track and analyze employees' past and current performance through the recorded resume and information in our system database. Once the selected candidate's data is uploaded to the system, it is easier for the employer to search for staff details when needed. It can also monitor employee productivity because the data history is also available for everyone's reference.

In light of this, Elabram has successfully served this telecommunication company with end-to-end recruitment. We also assist our other HR solutions to fulfill any client's needed. As a result, the company can acquire qualified employees with a well-organized data management system for the actual and potential employees' information.