Case Studies

Elabram Telco

Addressing Challenges in Hiring and Contract Management for Telecommunication Operator Company


One of Elabram’s clients is the biggest telecommunication operator in Thailand. Founded in April 1985, the company started as a computer rental business.

Today, this telecommunication operator company is the leading digital life service provider in wireless communication and internet. They attempt to transform how people connect, communicate, and thrive in this fast-paced world.

For almost five years, the company has been working with Elabram. During that time, Elabram provided outsourcing and payroll services to the telecommunication operator.

However, the company faces some challenges with employee demands after the pandemic period. Therefore, this case study delves into the difficulties faced by the telecommunication company and the solutions implemented by Elabram to address these challenges effectively.

Opportunity Approaches

It started with the number of challenges by this telecommunication company. It was facing the dynamic of budget process and short contract durations for the employee requirement.

During this time, the telecommunication company has been gaining assistance from Elabram for many years. Elabram supports hiring many candidates for various positions, predominantly software testers. For this project, the company has a policy of offering three-month contracts for new staff. This policy happened due to the project demand.

However, the short contract durations pose challenges in finding candidates willing to commit to such brief employment periods. Candidates typically expect working arrangements lasting longer than six months.

In this case, Elabram proactively addresses the issue by emphasizing the potential opportunities available to candidates during their limited employment period. By highlighting the potential for contract renewal based on performance, Elabram successfully attracts candidates open to short-term commitments.

Budget Concern Solutions

Due to the operation's tight schedule and expense consideration, the company posed a significant obstacle when sourcing candidates. The company struggles to find candidates who meet their requirements and they must also face the budget limit.

Often, candidates demand salaries higher than the allocated budget. Hence, the situation creates a dilemma for the hiring process. It includes the available talent pool that may not meet the company's expectations.

In this case, Elabram maximizes its resources to overcome budget constraints by sourcing fresh graduates with high-quality skills willing to accept the offered salary range. Additionally, Elabram leverages its network to find qualified candidates with less than three years of experience.

This win-win solution allows the telecommunication company to acquire high-quality talent within their budget while providing opportunities to promising young professionals.

Initially, Elabram provided almost 100 employees to the telecommunication company. However, the pandemic period has changed the situation.

Elabram has been successfully serving 64 employees for the telecommunication company until this time. They expect more resources from Elabram in the future.

Elabram remains committed to overcoming recruitment challenges and fulfilling the telecommunication company's demands.

By strategically sourcing fresh graduates and junior professionals within budgetary constraints and effectively addressing short contract durations, Elabram ensures a steady flow of qualified candidates for the telecommunication company.

Elabram's proactive approach, flexibility, and adaptability will continue strengthening their partnership with the company, ensuring a steady supply of skilled resources to support the telecommunication company's telecom operations.