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Recruiting Quality Employees In The Midst Of The Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic is not just causing economic challenges into the world but also creating additional challenges to the hiring process of the companies. Hiring or restructuring employees are some common strategies that some companies try to do in order to survive in today’s market situation. However, the challenges on the current policy implemented by the government may be in the way of selecting the candidates. The running businesses have been facing difficulties in finding the right talents due to the closing of office and/or working remotely. This could potentially limit the work of their internal HR department in fulfilling the vacant positions.

Having difficulties in hiring an employee is not just an issue for big corporations, it might be a bigger problem for a start-up company that is still in its early run. Paxel Indonesia, a logistic start-up company based in Jakarta, is one of the examples. HR department of Paxel Indonesia appoints Elabram to carefully select employees on behalf with those who can fit into their company culture and swift pace of growth. The service of Executive Search benefits the company by simplifying the HR processes. Reducing the work of the in-house HR team from focusing too much energy in hiring relevant talents, so they can be more focus in building sustainable working relationships and employees’ well-being of Paxel Indonesia.

Executive Search To Find The Right Talent On The Right Schedule

Competing against the time during a critical period is found to be disrupting at Paxel Indonesia. As a start-up company, its swift pace of growth creates a demand for faster talent finding. On average, Elabram is able to finish one cycle of recruiting talent within a month’s time without further delay. One of the keys success rate is because Elabram is able to accomplish this by providing fast response and being very informative. When Paxel Indonesia requested some candidates, Elabram acted professionally and cooperatively to understanding the requests. Another key reasons that is prominent in this process is that Elabram has a huge network of a talent pool that can always shortlist the talents based on any requirements of any clients from any industries. Therefore, Elabram is able to find the right candidates subsequently shortlist them as per Paxel Indonesia’s requests within a very short timeline.

Highly Trained Recruiters To Find The Fitted-Talent To Their Roles

The recruiters are the main instruments in finding the right talents, the recruiters definitely need to be well-trained and well-connected. In order to tackle all the challenges in any situation, the recruiters of Elabram are fully prepared and trained. The prominent example is happening during the pandemic of COVID-19 when the recruiter team conducts interviews virtually. It is found to be a new concept and a challenging activity by most people, however, it is a common practice at Elabram. Recruiting talent virtually is a regular process in Elabram as we have been hiring expatriates from overseas. Elabram is also screening a huge talent pool to discover proper talent who can fit into the atmosphere and culture of Paxel Indonesia. The transparency that Elabram provides to Paxel Indonesia is supposed to assist the in-house HR team, so they can decide the best candidate for respective positions.

As aforementioned, Paxel Indonesia is a start-up company that reflects the common start-up culture, which is dynamic and virtually without hierarchies. Hence, Paxel Indonesia requires candidates who are having some traits to be agile and adaptable. The atmosphere that is proven to be fluid constrains the employees to be able to shift from some job descriptions to another. Therefore, based on this case, Elabram is required to screen the candidates that possess certain qualities. To guarantee that, the recruiters of Elabram, as the hiring “instrument” holds the most important role to carefully select the candidates. The highly trained recruiters who “capture” the essence of the candidates’ personalities have proven themselves to be able to deliver the “wanted” talents that can fit the working culture of Paxel Indonesia.