Case Studies

Elabram Telco

Managing Performance as a One-Stop HR Service Provider


One of Elabram’s clients is a multinational telecommunication company. It conducts business in the telecommunications, network, IT and retail industries throughout Indonesia. The company has 6 core businesses, which are: ARP, Rental (Document Control, Project Engineer, Finance & Tax), Chef Consultant, Internship, Device. Twenty-four hours and seven days of operation in sustaining digital telecommunication service create high demand in fulfilling its human resources services. The growing number of employees has affected to increase the business operational cost, recruitment, and HR management. Therefore, recruiting and managing human resources are definitely another challenge for the company besides its core business area.

HR Outsourcing as the solutions in Focusing on Core Business

The company has been employing one of our best services which is HR Outsourcing. This service has supported its end to end HR needs from recruiting a significant number of best talents for a short period and managing its administration since 10 years ago. The challenges to managing HR in a giant company could vary from a massive number of recruitments to high turnover.

The benefit of HR Outsourcing for the company is that the staff will work for the client while Elabram manages their administration and contract. It also includes taxes, social security funds, holiday allowance overtime and health insurance calculations. Elabram’s service will comply with the rules and regulations which are issued by the local government.

Besides recruiting and administration, Elabram can also be regarded as the intermediary party between the employees and the employers or act as external HR departments. In the last 10 years of partnership, Elabram has played the role to manage the end-to-end process of recruitment until exit clearance. This statement means that Elabram also holds the responsibility to manage each employee’s performance evaluation by providing performance forms to employees and inviting them to fill out the form.

Later, the employee performance evaluation will be reported to the client. As a result, the company management can decide the employees who have high performance and employees who need more support such as training and coaching so that their performance can improve better. These processes require Elabram’s cooperation to stay alerted and remain active in communication with the client. Therefore, this service can allow the company to focus on doing their business.

A Solution to Recruit Middle and Executive Class Talents

Executive search is also one of the services that serve the client. Elabram provides the best talent to fulfill the middle and executive positions that the company needs to run its planning and operations. Through Elabram’s network and expertise, the client has recruited high quality employees from our executive search service until the onboarding process without difficulty. Elabram utilises its network and talent pool to selectively choose the fit candidates. Finding talents for positions which require certain skill such as Project Director, Public Relations Manager and Radio Frequency Manager are some of the services that Elabram has constantly provided to the company.

Moreover, other than hiring local quality talents, the company also opts to hire expatriates overseas. It is due to the skills which are sometimes rare to find. Elabram hunts the talent and takes care of the permits and the legal documents needed to employ the talent into the company. Elabram assists both talent and clients at the onboarding process to make the acquisition runs smoothly.

Several Awards as Services Recognitions

Elabram has cooperated with the company for more than 10 years. Through the services and performance provided by Elabram, it has become the single HR solutions partner for one of its businesses branch, which is device production. Loyalty proves the satisfaction of the company and recognition of Elabram’s pertinence to follow the improvement and innovation that the client has been doing. Based on this partnership, Elabram also received several awards from the company such as "Best Partnership Awards", "Outstanding General Procurement Partners", "Best Project Management Awards" and "Excellent Collaboration Awards".