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HR Outsourcing

A Smooth Handling HR Vendor Migration Process And Managing Expatriate Administration


The IT Solutions Company was established in 2003 and its headquarter in Malaysia. The company provides ICT Consulting and Services, including strategy, architecture, implementation, and maintenance support services. For almost 17 years of operations, they have successfully satisfied the client's needs.

Besides their experience, the company also has essential assets to serve its clients with excellence. The team who is highly experienced is their main asset in the service process. Since the business has been growing from time to time, the business administration becomes their issue.

The company has employed several expatriates on the team. Nonetheless, they have limitations in managing their expatriate administration, such as the HR Outsourcing vendor's migration process and handling visa applications. Therefore, this case study aims to describe how Elabram supports the company's needs in the workforce and its administration.

The Migration Process of HR Outsourcing Provider

The partnership between Elabram and The IT Solutions Company is not even a year. At the beginning of 2020, the company choose Elabram as the HR solution partner’s successor partner from their previous provider. As the successor, Elabram dealt with a specific problem in the employee administration.

During this transition from the previous vendor to Elabram, the company did not have major issues. As a result, vendor migration was working smoothly and correctly. At the beginning of the partnership, Elabram must have handled the contract and its documentation from previous providers.

For the IT Solution Company, Elabram provided this company with one of the best services, which is HR Outsourcing. The advantage of this service is that Elabram will manage from A to Z about company Human Resources. It includes an employment pass, contract management, resource management. Even if there is a particular problem with internal employees, the company will solve it.

Expats Documentation issues

Lack of expertise and knowledge in handling expatriate documents can lead to a domino effect for both the company and employees. Elabram, as a replacement for the previous agent, becomes a third party that connects employees and the government bureaucracy.

As an external HR department, Elabram manages to solve its visa document problems and passport. This situation began when their expatriate staff lost the passport and its visa at the airport. These two things are crucial for their team to work in Malaysia. Therefore, Elabram as HR Outsourcing partner directly managed this responsibility to support their employees.

Elabram bridged their staff, embassy, and local government administration to smoothly gain passport and visa replacement. As a result, this service alleviated their expatriate issues in government regulation and its documentation. The company can also operate the business smoothly because the team can focus on its core job without worrying about the administration.

That was how Elabram provided service to our client. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Besides that, Elabram also covers every HR needs: from manpower/temporary staff and payroll services by HR Outsourcing solution, permanent staff, expatriate providers, Executive Search by Recruitment Solutions, and digital human resources administration systems by Axdif.