Case Studies


Fixing The Workforce Fraud Data during HR Vendor Migration


One of Elabram’s clients is a multinational consumer electronics manufacturing company. This company is based in mainland China and has expanded in several countries. This company became the fastest-growing electronics in Q3 2021. One of the reasons is that they offer products with the latest technology and sophisticated designs at an affordable price.

The rapid and extensive business growth has created limitations for them in managing business manpower and administration. In this case, they are hiring workforce vendors to anticipate the business growth demands. Nonetheless, they are quite dissatisfied with the previous HR vendor before Elabram due to the employee database issue and its administration handling.

In solving this issue, they selected Elabram as the HR vendor successor for this company operation in June 2022. This case study will describe how Elabram mitigates the company's administration and migration problem.

The Migration Process and Transparency

The partnership between Elabram and The Electronic Company is not even a year. As the successor, Elabram has to validate all employee contracts and compensation details from the previous provider.

During the contract management validation, Elabram encountered some challenges in this problem. In the first problem, Elabram found misinformation between management decisions and employee status.

An example is several sensitive matters such as promotions, salary increases, bonuses, and incentives. The previous vendor has never informed the related employee of this status since the management made the decision.

For example, If an employee receives a salary increment, the previous HR vendor has never clarified and paid the employee with the true nominal based on the client's request. After some period, The electronic company finally realized this vendor fraud. Then, this company selected Elabram as the HR solution partner from their previous provider in the middle of 2022.

With Elabram's assistance, the company has never faced major issues during this transition from the previous vendor to Elabram. Everything went smoothly and correctly due to systemized management by the Elabram team.

Elabram offers and implements our Axdif and contract management systems to build the client’s company trust. The team also can provide the data and report transparency for the electronic company.

The Employee Personal Information Validation

During the transfer and transition period, the electronics company demands Elabram solve employee data fraud from the previous vendor.

At the beginning of the transition, this electronics company transferred 400 employees in July 2022. Over time, in November 2022, there were an additional 3,000 employee transfers until January 2023. This number of employee databases was coming from the previous vendor information.

On the other hand, the Elabram team found inaccuracy between the number of employee databases and the real employee number. Many employees were not real people, such as salespeople in some of Indonesia’s cities.

In solving this problem, the Elabram team shall validate the employee data authenticity one by one. The team calls all employee contacts by phone directly to ensure data validity.

This data validation includes name, position, contact number, ID number, position, and emergency contact. Elabram carried out the validation process for 3,000 employees in just a month.

After the validation, the team will input the employee data into our systems. With this assistance, clients can check data transparency anytime they require it.

In light of this, Elabram provides end-to-end outsourcing services to help clients solve their HR issues. We have solved client problems related to their misinformation between management decisions and employee status from the previous vendor.

Besides that, the Elabram team also fixed the telecommunication company’s employee's real number. Then, our team input the real data to the Elabram database system. In the end, the client can check data transparency anytime when they demand it.

With that fact, Elabram has successfully done the vendor migration process. All steps worked smoothly due to systemized management and the client can utilize this system advantage until the future.