Case Studies

Elabram Telco

Assisting Foreign Business To Be Fully Equipped With Local Establishment


CCC is a subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company. It is based in mainland China that has expanded and gone public (IPO) in several countries. It is also the fourth-largest mobile service provider in the world based on the number of subscribers. In 2017, it launched its subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand. The carrier and enterprise business which has been operating in Bangkok is registered and licensed as a foreign business. To operate in Thailand, CCC has been partnering with Elabram as its HR consultant. The company only employs small numbers of staff in Thailand. However, the business can operate significantly because the company offers prepaid sim cards and its telecommunication support which covers the Southeast Asia region.

Thai Working Culture

As a Chinese enterprise, it is deliberate to have several Chinese employees in CCC organization structure. Furthermore, to be able to operate a business in Thailand, a foreign company requires to be compliant with local regulation, which states a rule to hire more local citizens. Having a clearly defined job description is important, as it helps candidates truly identify the core nature of their role and the expectation of their potential employer – Adhoc is normally for small tasks assigned that is within their scope of expertise, salary, job security, workplace culture, friendship and office ambiance are also very important to increasing the longevity and commitment from employees to the company. Thus, expatriates and local employees need to cooperate in order to run the business. In this case, Elabram, as the service provider also supports educating our expatriate in understanding the Thai culture and its working style. The aim of this support is to enhance the speed of the adaptation process and provide a bigger picture of how to make engagement among the expatriates and local staff more seamless and efficient.

Company Administration Consultant Service

In running the company in Thailand, the government regulates the administration on hiring employees and establishing a business. Thus, Elabram, provides payroll consultancy and outsourcing business consultancy (full-loop payroll, timesheet, claims, contract management, tax advice and calculation, social security administration and provident funds administration). On the legal ground, CCC has Elabram to advise it on human resources law and regulation updates with regards to hiring and termination of employment. The service on HR Consulting also covers advice on visa and work permit processes, new regulations, restrictions and restraints during COVID-19 since CCC still employs an expatriate from China. This means Elabram as the consultant needs to be frequently adapted and have a full understanding of Thailand’s updated law and regulations, in order to provide the best advice and service for its client. Through Elabram’s service, CCC has been successfully growing its business since 2017 as its early development of the company.