Software Solutions

Elabram Systems integrates workforce management services with easy access through the web-based applications and mobile applications. Our software has been designed with the consideration of the business operation objectives and process control of workforce management commonly faced by various companies.


Software Design & Development

We provide high quality software development services for our clients across a wide range of technologies, supported by testing, design, user experience and manage services. We are able to provide Design Thinking (process from Ideo) and Design Sprint (process from Google Venture) to incorporate it into our software development to meet UX needs.


Project Management, Team Outsourcing & Managed Services

We provide three types of software development.

1. Project Management: with details SOW, Timeline and Cost.

2. Team Outsourcing: we provide expertise to do development remotely or onsite

3. Manage Services: we manage and maintain with KPI & SLA.


Business Intelligence

We are also able to provide Data Analytics feature of visual analytics and info graphics, together with associative UI to meet user experience needs across multiple devices.


Digital Transformation Solutions

We provide IT consulting and services to clients for their digital transformation journey. We are able to do EOT (Established-Organised-Transfer) digital services to our clients based on outsource work of KPI and SLA given from clients.

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