Quality service is one important thing. As we aim to provide the best experience for our client and their end-user as well.

Jakarta, ID – Elabram Systems and Huawei has successfully held workshop event on April 1st 2019, at Merlynn Park Hotel Jakarta. This event is a workshop and training for Huawei’s promotors. This event is held to enhance and enrich the knowledge of promotors, hence they are expected able to give the best experience for customers and raise their sales.
The fullday workshop is started with briefing and games for ice-breaking. Then promotors are given some product knowledge of their upcoming product. This product knowledge session is not only by presentation, but also they have to experience themselves. Some tasks are given so they could optimally experience teheir product.
Huawei Indonesia and Elabram systems also give their appreciation for some promotors who has excellent sales and problem solve experience. This Appreciation is expected could give motivation and show that we really care about their experience.
This workshop is one of some Elabram Systems and client joint program to give the best experience for our resource and to proof that Elabram Systems still give attention even after they work with our client.

AUTHOR: Rizky Anggara
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