Globally, we are 7 Billion human beings and most of us wishes everyone especially children to be well and to have peace around the world. As much as we want to help everyone and to prevent war, we can only help those who we can reach. The latest estimates show according to UNICEF that 2.1 Billion children, lack access to safe, readily available water at home while according to, 300 Million children are chronically hungry and more than 90% of these children suffer from long- term malnourishment and nutrient deficiency.

A lot of non profit organization are pushing to take care some of the children in their respective communities. In Indonesia which is one of the most populous country in Asia, Yayasan Makna Bakti is established with the vision to create a better social welfare for children, orphans and elderly with disabilities with the mission to provide training and skills to the targeted children from kindergarten up to Junior High School education. Another mission is to help the elderly to live healthy, prosperous and independent.

Some of the aim of the organizations are as follows; 

  • Assist the children to be independent
  • Guide and Assist the elderly to have high spirit and to have a positive outlook in life.
  • To preserve the tradition and culture via  dance art, sound art and music art
  • To help and motivate all  citizens  to develop their own potential according to their own skills and ability

Elabram Systems Group in Indonesia visited this institution to motivate the children to have a positive mindset in life. The team brought some products that these children needs such as milk, toiletries, pampers, healthy snack, groceries and financial assistance. It is just one way to give back to the community.







AUTHOR: Grace Nicolas

Took Masters in Management Major in Engineering Management with over 20 years working from different industries. A radio show anchor, a columnist, strategist and public speaker. Grace is the one handling the Marketing, Branding, Public Relations and Business Development of Elabram Systems Philippines and the Social Media platforms for the whole group in Asia; Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore that includes managing the contents and campaigns. You can reach her at or 09166299381 (Philippines).

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