Awards are proof of consistency, recognition of excellence, a public acknowledgement and can be without any monitary tokens or prize. It is something given to a person or group as an appreciation of their excellent service to another.

Just recently, Elabram Systems Indonesia received “Outstanding General Procurement Partner Award” for year 2018” from Huawei . This prove the hard work as a team and that services produced good results.

According to the head HR, “We held small celebration with internal PTES on Friday 10th August 2018, and the event was open by our Managing Director “Mr. Mikel Yaw”, continue with welcome speech from Deputy Finance & Operational Director “Annie Bahwani” and Deputy Head of Department “Kukandi.” 

In 1999 Elabram Systems Group was incorporated, aimed to become No. 1 manpower outsourcing and recruitment company in Asia Pacific for Information Communications and Technology industry. Focusing on Manpower Solution Outsourcing (MSO), Network Planning Optimization (NPO), Workforce Management System (WMS), Workforce Mobile Devices (WMD), E-Pro – Project Field Tracking, and E-Pro – Project Field Tracking – the team consist of experts of finding the right candidate.



AUTHOR: Grace Nicolas

Took Masters in Management Major in Engineering Management with over 20 years working from different industries. A radio show anchor, a columnist, strategist and public speaker. Grace is the one handling the Marketing, Branding, Public Relations and Business Development of Elabram Systems Philippines and the Social Media platforms for the whole group in Asia; Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore that includes managing the contents and campaigns. You can reach her at or 09166299381 (Philippines).

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